Carnival of Homeschooling — Variety Pack

Celebrate the variety of homeschooling with Gary at HomeSchoolBuzz as he hosts the 54th Carnival of Homeschooling:

“If there’s one thing in common with this week’s posts, it’s their variety. No two homeschoolers are exactly alike and for this edition of the Carnival, no two people will see the exact same images on this page. I’m using a magical javascript created by Erik Kastner. The letter images you see on this page are randomly culled from Flickr so they look different every time you load the page…”

What a fun idea! You may want to reload the page several times to appreciate the pictures—but don’t get so distracted by the cool photos that you miss all those excellent articles.

Here are some other recent carnivals you may enjoy:

Tax Carnival #9

Carnival of Family Life # 36

Home Business Carnival #14

Working at Home Blog Carnival #14

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