Carnival of Education #101

The 101st Edition of the Carnival of Education is happening this week at
I Thought a Think, with a dalmatian pup as mascot.

Hello, education fans! It’s my pleasure to host the 101st edition of the Carnival of Education here at I Thought at Think, a great power which also carries with it a great responsibility: what would a good theme be? I badly wanted to go with 101 Dalmations (for the 101st carnival, natch!), but beyond a rather forced comparison between Cruella De Vil and NCLB I couldn’t make it work. That being how it is I grouped the entries this month more or less by theme and put a cute dalmation puppy at the top of the screen—on with the show!

As always, there are plenty of great, thought-provoking articles. The highlights for me were:

A History Teacher discusses Just War Theory in Teaching War.

Phil for Humanity plays with your mind in What Does Infinity Divided by Infinity Equal?

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