The Carnival of Mathematics

Carnival of MathematicsThis fortnight’s edition of The Carnival of Mathematics is up and running at EvolutionBlog. Unfortunately, many of the articles were over my head, but even a mathematical dabbler like me can find some interesting tidbits:

Anatomy and Evolution of a Difficult Math Problem

Problems 3-5 thru 3-6-07: Geometry and Reasoning

Groups and rings

The ideas of groups and rings hover tantalizingly just outside my grasp. Most of the words are familiar, but the way they are put together is just different enough that I can’t hang on to the concepts. I figure if I read enough different explanations by enough different people, some day something will click in my mind and I’ll “get it.”

Of course, if I were serious about learning it, I would get a textbook and work through the problems, right? Whenever I finish the multitude of more important things on my “To Do” list…

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