Carnival Time Again

The Carnival of Homeschooling is simple this week — just a list of posts and links. Still plenty of good reading! Articles include:

The Primary Math Cupboard
What might an inexpensive primary math program look like? Mama Squirrel puts together a year’s worth of first grade math from garage sale finds and whatever else is around the house.

Education Quotes & My Philosophy
I am a sucker for quotations, and there are plenty of good ones here.

Meanwhile the Carnival of Education covers the “EduSphere” gamut from policy to practice to the teaching life. Highlights:

100 Words All High School Graduates — And Their Parents — Should Know!
Okay, it’s not math — but the vocabulary list does include hypotenuse, parabola, and reciprocal. Besides, Mamacita includes a whole bunch of education quotes.

How About “AP Blogging?” I Could Pass That.
Again, not much about math, although calculus is briefly mentioned, but how could anyone pass up a post with that title? Fun!

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