While I Was Gone…

I am still unpacking and trying to get back to a regular schedule, but let me bring to your attention a few blog carnivals from the last couple of weeks. I haven’t had time to read them, yet, but I’m sure you won’t want to miss out on the fun:

June 26: Carnival of Education, The RoadTrip Edition

Carnival of MathematicsJune 29: Carnival of Mathematics XI

July 04: The Carnival of Education Volume 126

July 05: Carnival of Homeschooling: Independence Edition

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2 thoughts on “While I Was Gone…

  1. Thank you! We had a much better time than I expected. My ideal vacation would be to get locked into an extensive library, complete with fireplace and cushy chair—a far cry from a fishing trip!

    But we had a good time reconnecting with extended family that we see only once a year. And all but the infant cousin caught several “keepers,” which I suppose makes the trip a success. I may try to post a few pictures, after I finish unpacking (no, not done yet—I am a master procrastinator!) and get our summer school schedule going again.

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