In-Service for Homeschool Teachers

This week’s Carnival of Homeschooling takes a day off for professional development. Dana at Principled Discovery writes:

Teacher in-service days mean no school, so help your young scholars find something to do while you peruse the offerings. Whether a quick tip or research into how children learn, each presentation is designed to help you become a little better teacher and parent, with just a touch of controversy to keep it interesting.

Meanwhile, the Carnival of Education marks its 10,000,000th edition (binary) over at The Education Wonks.

Math-related posts from the carnivals:

Why Johnny CAN Add – More or Less – Kids and Arithmetic Learning
What kind of “number sense” do young children have?

Math in Connecticut
A regional superintendent answers questions about a math program, but Kim is not satisfied.

Multiplication Method
Alternate algorithms — helpful or not?

This graph could go in the next edition of How to Lie With Statistics.
[Blog has disappeared, and I couldn’t find anything to exactly replace this, so I just came up with an assortment of bad graphs: The worst graph every made? and New candidate for worst graph ever and Worst Graphs Ever.]
[Or how about a couple of my favorite political charts: Debunking the Obama Stimulus Chart or “How to Make Numbers Say Anything You Want” and Debunking the “Republican Congress Creates Jobs” Chart or “How to Make Numbers Say Anything You Want”.]

Both of these carnivals are getting to be huge, with so many interesting articles to read that one could easily spend the whole day. Enjoy!

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