World Maths Day 2013: Register Now

It’s time to register for World Maths Day, which will take place on March 6, 2013. Last year, more than five million students from all around the world combined to correctly answer nearly 500 million math problems.

Would you like to help break the record this year? Register now so you can practice in advance!

About World Maths Day

  • Play with students from schools all around the world. Individuals and homeschoolers are welcome, too.
  • The competition is designed for ages 4-18 and all ability levels. Teachers, parents and media can also register and play.
  • It’s simple to register and participate. Start practicing as soon as you register.
  • And best of all, it’s absolutely free.

How Will It Work?

Register online. If you are already subscribed to Mathletics, you can use your existing username and password. Beware: Last year, registration closed a couple of days before the actual Maths Day. I couldn’t find a deadline on the website, but Angela (in the comments below) reports that this year’s registration will close February 28.

If you want to participate, don’t chance it — register soon. Besides, signing up early gives you plenty of time to play the warm-up practice games!

The official World Maths Day competition begins with the first second of March 6 at midnight in Apia, Samoa, and continues as long as it is March 6 anywhere in the world. The total competition time is 48 hours.

Players compete in real-time, online mental arithmetic challenges and play live with other students around the globe. Each game is a race that lasts for 60 seconds. There are 5 different levels of play, 10 challenges on each level. Students can play up to 50 games to rack up points for their personal tally. After the first 50 games, additional points will only count toward the World Maths Day Mathometer, not the student’s personal point score.

For further information, visit the World Maths Day site and check out the Resources section.

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