Calling All Math Teacher Bloggers and Homeschoolers: Carnival Time!

by Bob Jagendorf via flickr[Image by Bob Jagendorf (CC BY-NC 2.0) via Flickr.]

The monthly Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) math education blog carnival is almost here. If you’ve written a blog post about math, we’d love to have you join us! Each of us can help others learn, so in a sense we are all teachers.

Posts must be relevant to students or teachers of school-level mathematics (that is, anything from preschool up to first-year calculus). Old posts are welcome, as long as they haven’t been published in past editions of this carnival.

Click here to submit your blog post

Have you noticed a new math blogger on your block that you’d like to introduce to the rest of us? Feel free to submit another blogger’s post in addition to your own. Beginning bloggers are often shy about sharing, but like all of us, they love finding new readers.

Don’t procrastinate: The deadline for entries is this Friday, April 21. The carnival will be posted next week at Give Me a Sine.

Would You Like to Host the Carnival?

Thank you so much to the volunteer bloggers who have stepped up to carry this MTaP math education blog carnival through the years! I would never be able to keep the carnival going on my own.

If you’d like to join in the fun, we have plenty of openings for months ahead. Read the instructions on our Math Teachers at Play page. Then leave a comment or email me to let me know which month you’d like to take.

Explore the Other Math Carnivals

While you’re waiting for next week’s Math Teachers at Play carnival, you may enjoy:

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3 thoughts on “Calling All Math Teacher Bloggers and Homeschoolers: Carnival Time!

  1. Hi Denise…I would like to help out as a host for a carnival, but I don’t blog using wordpress or blogger or any of those conventional platforms. I blog through my website company who set up a separate blog for me. Does this matter? Can I still do it?


    Margo Gentile

    1. Margo, you do not have to blog on any particular platform in order to host the carnival. You just need an online place that’s open for public viewing, where you can give the carnival post a long-term home. That plus the willingness to put in the work — hosting the carnival is fun, but there is definitely work involved.

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