Why Kickstarter?

Over the next several weeks, you’ll be hearing a lot about Kickstarter and my Word Problems from Literature project. I’m proud of the book, and I want to spread the news as far and wide as possible.

But I know there are many people out there who don’t know much about crowdfunding platforms, and you may wonder what it’s all about.

So this week, I want to share a few of the things I totally love about Kickstarter and why I use the platform.

(1) It’s the “New World” of publishing.

In the old days, traditional publishing companies paid writers in advance to write the books the publisher wanted to see. In this new world, readers get to choose and support the writers who are creating books you want to read.

(2) Backers get books in advance.

I will publish the books anyway, even if no one supports my project. But through Kickstarter, I can send early-release copies to backers several months before the books are available through normal bookstores.

(3) You get a bundle of cool special perks.

When you buy at a standard bookstore, or even at my publisher’s online store, you get a copy of the book. Period. When you support my work on Kickstarter, I can send you all sorts of bonuses like printable activity guides and a behind-the-scenes audio commentary. What fun!

(4) You can help make a better book.

If the project passes its relatively low funding goal and shoots into Stretch Goal territory, each additional pledge improves the final book. Depending on how high our funding goes, you’ll be helping to pay for extra illustrations or additional chapters. It’s a collaborative project.

Does all that sound good to you?

Then I hope you’ll join me as we take this book over the finish line, covering its production costs in advance of publication and spreading the idea of playful math to a whole world of new readers.

I’ll see you behind the backer wall!

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