The Playful Math Carnival Wants You!

We’re looking for new posts, and new hosts, for the Playful Math Education Blog Carnival.

Can you help?

The Playful Math Education Carnival (formerly “Math Teachers at Play”) is a monthly collection of mathy fun: tips, tidbits, games, activities, and more.

It’s like a free online magazine of mathematical adventures. If you like to learn new things and play around with ideas, you are sure to find something of interest.

Wanted: Posts for the August Edition

Please share your favorite recent blog post — yours or someone else’s — in our carnival submissions form. You may enter as many posts as you like.

Submit a Post Here

The August carnival will be hosted by Alexa Kapor-Mater at The Montessori Cosmos blog.

Wanted: Hosts for the 2022-2023 School Year

The carnival is a joint effort. We need more volunteers.

Classroom teachers, homeschoolers, college professors, unschoolers, or anyone who likes to play around with math — if you would like to take a turn hosting the carnival, please speak up!

Check the details on the carnival’s home page, and then leave a comment here or email me directly to let me know when you want to host.

Playful Math Carnival Instructions

CREDITS: Feature photo (top) by Taylor via

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