They Grow Up Too Fast!

Even the child in question agrees with that. Chickenfoot is suffering from Peter Pan syndrome: “I don’t want to grow up!” This week, someone asked him, “You’re 17, aren’t you?” Not yet, but 13 has passed into memory… I got tricky with the hidden present this time. The outside of the envelope changed insignificantly. It … Continue reading They Grow Up Too Fast!

Happy Birthday, Princess Kitten!

Our youngest child turns 9 today. Time shoots by at rocket speed, doesn’t it? Every year, the older kids complain that their baby sister isn’t allowed to grow up — they still feel like being nine years old themselves! I have mentioned before our family tradition of the “hidden present.” [See this post and that.] … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Princess Kitten!

Happy Birthday, Sweet 17!

I described in a previous post our family tradition of hiding one present on each child’s birthday. Today’s hidden present rhyme was more successful than recent ones — the birthday girl was temporarily stumped and needed a hint from her older sister. Can you guess where they found the gift? As always, the outside of … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Sweet 17!