Mastering Miquon: Top Ten Tips

[Rescued from my old blog.] I love Miquon math, but the program does feel odd to many homeschoolers, especially at first. It is so different from the math most of us grew up with that it takes time for the teacher to adjust. DJ asked for Miquon advice at a forum I frequent, but I … Continue reading Mastering Miquon: Top Ten Tips

Even a Math Workbook Can Be a Game

Homeschooling Memories… My youngest daughter wanted to do Singapore math. Miquon Red was her main math text at the time, but we added a bit of Singapore Primary Math 1B whenever she was in the mood. We turned to the lesson on subtracting with numbers in the 30-somethings. The first problem was pretty easy for … Continue reading Even a Math Workbook Can Be a Game

Books for Parents and Other Teachers

A bookshelf full of teaching tips and math activities for your family, classroom, or math club. Understanding Math Deepen your own mathematical worldview. Activities and Games Play with math ideas and concepts. Especially for Parents Help your children understand and explore math concepts. Especially for Teachers Help your students build conceptual understanding. Within each subcategory, … Continue reading Books for Parents and Other Teachers

Reblog: A Mathematical Trauma

Feature photo (above) by Jimmie via flickr. My 8-year-old daughter’s first encounter with improper fractions was a bit more intense than she knew how to handle. I hope you enjoy this “Throw-back Thursday” blast from the Let’s Play Math! blog archives: Improper Fractions: A Mathematical Trauma Photo (right) by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr. Nearing … Continue reading Reblog: A Mathematical Trauma

Math Teachers at Play #66

[Feature photo above by Franz & P via flickr. Route 66 sign by Sam Howzit via flickr. (CC BY 2.0)] Welcome to the Math Teachers At Play blog carnival — which is not just for math teachers! If you like to learn new things and play around with ideas, you are sure to find something … Continue reading Math Teachers at Play #66

How to Recognize a Successful Homeschool Math Program

After teaching co-op math classes for several years, I’ve become known as the local math maven. Upon meeting one of my children, fellow homeschoolers often say, “Oh, you’re Denise’s son/daughter? You must be really good at math.” The kids do their best to smile politely — and not to roll their eyes until the other … Continue reading How to Recognize a Successful Homeschool Math Program