Valentine’s Day: Say It with Music

If you have trouble seeing the video, it’s here on YouTube. For more information about the singers (and lyrics to this and other songs), check out the Klein Four webpage.

P.S.: You may also enjoy the Valentine’s Day Fail over at Abstruse Goose.

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Math Teachers at Play #8


[Photo by jaaron.]

Welcome to the Math Teachers At Play blog carnival — which is not just for math teachers! We accept entries from anyone who enjoys playing around with math, as long as the topic is relevant to students or teachers of preK-12th grade mathematics.

Some articles were submitted by their authors, other were drawn from the back-log in my blog reader, and I’ve spiced it all up with a few math jokes courtesy of the Mathematical humor collection of Andrej and Elena Cherkaev.

Let the mathematical fun begin…

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April Fool’s Day: Fun with Math Fallacies

Photo by RBerteig. Take a break from “serious” math and have a little fun today with some classics of recreational mathematics. Do you have a favorite math or logic fallacy? Please share it in the Comments below. Continue reading April Fool’s Day: Fun with Math Fallacies