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These histories, biographies, and explanations of mathematical concepts are written for a general audience, so most of them assume no mathematical knowledge beyond a vague memory of high school. For recreational math, you may also want to check the Problem Solving and Math Circles page.

Within each subcategory, books are listed alphabetically by author.

If you click on a book cover, the links take you to Amazon.com, where you can read reviews and other details (and where I earn a few cents of affiliate commission if you actually buy the book), but most of these books should be available through your public library. Ask a librarian to find you a copy — they love to help!

What Is Math All About?

benjamin-magic courant-whatis davis-experience devlin-language ellenberg-thinking frenkel-love gowers-mathematics lockhart-lament mason-thinking oakley-mind pappas-music pappas-joy pappas-morejoy pappas-talk polya-how sawyer-vision smith-glass stewart-hereto stewart-letters strogatz-joy tanton-encyclopedia vanhattum-playing

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Recreational Mathematics

abbott-flatland averbach-recreational bellos-numberland bellos-euclid conway-numbers devlin-numbers diaconis-magic dorrie-100 dusautoy-numbers engel-strategies fulves-magic gardner-entertaining gardner-best kordemsky-moscowpuzzles larson-problems lockhart-measurement mulcahy-magic polya-stanford polya-how posamentier-amazements povey-puzzles simon-magic smullyan-godelian solomon-games stewart-cake stewart-hysteria stewart-cows stewart-cabinet stewart-casebook stewart-treasures stewart-numbers taimina-crochet tanton-solve vennebush-jokes winkler-connoisseur yaglom-vol1 yaglom-vol2 zeitz-art

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Biographies: The People of Math

bell-menof bio-cantor bio-courant bio-johnconway bio-coxeter bio-descartes bio-einstein bio-erdos bio-euler bio-euler devlin-fibonacci bio-fibonacci bio-flannery bio-gauss bio-gaussprince bio-halmos henrion-women bio-hilbert bio-hypatia bio-hypatia bio-james bio-leibniz bio-lovelace bio-muir bio-nash bio-newton osen-women bio-paulos bio-equals perl-women bio-poincare bio-ramanujan bio-robinson bio-ulam bio-neumann bio-neumann bio-wiener1 bio-wiener2 honors class

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Ideas Through History

aczel-history berlinghoff-history bradley-ancient bradley-1950 bunt-historical derbyshire-unknown devlin-unfinished devlin-goldenage devlin-millennium dunham-calculushistory gillings-egypt jackson-history johnson-history kline-mathfor kline-certainty levy-history livio-historysymmetry maccormick-algorithms maor-infinity maor-ehistory merzbach-history moscovich-history newman-world1 newman-world2 newman-world3 newman-world4 oshea-poincare pickover-mathbook reimer-egyptian reimer-history1 reimer-history2 reimer-history3 richeson-eulerhistoy singh-code smith-agnesizeno stewart-visions stewart-equations stewart-taming swetz-europe tiner-history wilson-fourcolors

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Schooly Math Topics

aleksandrov-content allen-geometry andreescu-trig andrews-numbertheory azad-math azad-calculus banner-lifesaver benjamin-mental coxeter-geometry fernandez-calculus gamelin-topology hammock-book huff-statistics huff-figureit jacobs-endeavor kelley-algebra kelley-geometry kelley-trig kelley-calculus kelley-stats kline-physical kline-calculus krause-taxicab mckellar-algebra mckellar-geometry mcmullen-introduction mcmullen-dimensions mendelson-topology mosteller-probability petsold-code posamentier-algebra posamentier-geometry posamentier-triangles poundstone-prisoner rappaport-algebra rucker-geometry reinhart-statistics savov-nobull schwartz-relativity simmons-precalc slavin-allmath smith-statistics stewart-foundations stewart-chaos stewart-modern sutton-ruler swann-calculus thompson-calculus tanton-trig trudeau-graph weaver-luck wheelan-statistics yuki-girls yuki-manga yuki-girls2 girls-vol1 yuki-vol2 yuki-vol3

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