Patterns, puzzles, games, and activities — here are plenty of ideas to get your children playing around with math. For early elementary students, be sure to also check my Picture Books and Early Readers page.

Within each subcategory, books are listed alphabetically by author.

If you click on a book cover, the links take you to, where you can read reviews and other details (and where I earn a few cents of affiliate commission if you actually buy the book), but most of these books should be available through your public library. Ask a librarian to find you a copy — they love to help!

History of Math

Ball-Why Pi Bendick-Archimedes Glass-A Fly on the Ceiling Latham-Bowditch Leimbach -Count in Greek Love-Of Numbers and Stars Murphy-Ben Franklin Schmandt-Besserat-History of Counting Zaccaro-Ten Things Zaccaro-25 Real Life Math Investigations

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Fantastic Math Stories

Einhorn-Very Improbable Story Isdell-Gebra Named Al Lee-Great Number Rumble Neuschwander-Viking's Map Neuschwander-Off-the-charts Dessert Pilegard-Warlord Puzzle Pilegard-Warlord Beads Pilegard-Warlord Fish Pilegard-Warlord Puppeteers Pilegard-Warlord Kites Pilegard-Warlord Messengers Pilegard-Warlord Alarm

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Puzzles, Games, and Activities

Burns-Dollar Riddle Burns-Math for Smarty Pants Burns-Hate Mathematics Connolly-Perfectly Perilous Math Freeman-Hands-On Geometry Harst-Compass Drawings Kalman-Math Olympiad Contest Problems 2 Lenchner-Math Olympiad Contest Problems 1 Millington-Curve Stitching Pappas-Puzzles from Penrose Sachar-Sideways Arithmetic Sachar-More Sideways Arithmetic Seymour-Creative Constructions Seymour-Line designs Yoder-One Minute Mysteries Zaccaro-Primary Grade Challenge Math Zaccaro-Challenge Math

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Things They Don’t Teach You in School

Ball-Go Figure Goldsmith-Math Genius McCallum-Secret Life of Math

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Making Sense of Schooly Math Topics

Cushman-Do You Wanna Bet Ellison-Hard Math for Elementary School Ellison-Hard Math for Middle School Math on Call Julius-Arithmetricks Zaccaro-Real World Algebra

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