The Internet overflows with a wide-ranging assortment of math websites. Here are some of my favorites, both schoolish math and fun stuff. Within each category, sites are listed alphabetically, to avoid playing favorites (except for the math contests, which are arranged by grade level).

Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers
From Archimedes to Wiles, from counting to differential equations, puzzles and tidbits to delight the mathophile‌—‌and perhaps even the mathophobe.

I hope you find something useful.

As additional resources (and for decoration), I’ve added several of my favorite math books. Most of these should be available‌—‌at least in the U.S.‌—‌through inter-library loan. Living in a rural Illinois town with a tiny, one-room library, I’ve grown to LO-O-O-OVE inter-library loan…

I will try to keep these pages up to date, but the Internet is volatile. If you find a broken link, you can search for the website by name or enter the defunct URL into the Internet Wayback Machine at And if you know of a fantastic website I’ve missed, please send me an email (, or use the comment form on my “About” page). I appreciate your help.

Trouble with Java or Flash?

How to Solve It
The classic on solving math problems.

WARNING: Many excellent interactive math websites require Java or Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, both programs can also be used by hackers to break into your computer or do other nasty stuff. Make sure you have the most recent versions of each program, and keep your security settings up to date.

In order you use a Java-based Internet app, you will probably need to add that website to your computer’s Java Exception Site List.

Where to find help with Java and Flash:

For more resource suggestions, check out my Math with Living Books pages.