From the elementary puzzles to Olympiad-level stumpers, the problems in these books will challenge your best students. I enjoy working through these myself!

Within each subcategory, books are listed alphabetically by author.

If you click on a book cover, the links take you to, where you can read reviews and other details (and where I earn a few cents of affiliate commission if you actually buy the book), but most of these books should be available through your public library. Ask a librarian to find you a copy — they love to help!

Running a Math Circle

arnold-lectures brodsky-minds burago-diaries dorichenko-moscow fomin-moscow kaplan-labyrinth kilkelly-power rosenfeld-socks rozhkovskaya-elementary saul-camp stankova-berkeley1 stankova-berkeley2 vanhattum-playing zvonkin-three

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Elementary Problem Solving

beast-3 beast-4 beast-5a Ellison-Hard Math for Elementary School gardner-classic gardner-kids Kalman-Math Olympiad Contest Problems 2 kalman-vol3 lenchner-olympiad lenchner-creative tanton-without tanton-more Zaccaro-Primary Grade Challenge Math zaccaro-upperelem Zaccaro-Challenge Math

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Intermediate Problem-Solving

andreescu-mathletes Batterson-Competition Math jchen-20skills jchen-20more contest1 contest2 contest3 contest4 contest5 contest6 contest7 contest8 contest9 crawford-numbertheory Ellison-Hard Math for Middle School frost-vol1 frost-vol2 lehoczky-basics orangecounty patrick-counting romanowicz-teasers rusczyk-prealgebra rusczyk-algebra rusczyk-geometry stickels-puzzles tanton-solve

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Advanced Problem-Solving

andreescu-trig andreescu-olympiad averbach-recreational becheanu-balkan dorrie-100 engel-strategies gardiner-olympiad gardner-entertaining gardner-best imo1959 imo1978 kordemsky-moscowpuzzles larson-problems levitin-algorithmic mason-thinking moscow1993 moscow2000 mosteller-probability polya-stanford polya-how posamentier-algebra posamentier-geometry povey-puzzles rusczyk-beyond smullyan-godelian tanton-trig usa1972 winkler-connoisseur yaglom-vol1 yaglom-vol2 zeitz-art

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