A bookshelf full of teaching tips and math activities for your family, classroom, or math club.

Within each subcategory, books are listed alphabetically by author.

If you click on a book cover, the links take you to Amazon.com, where you can read reviews and other details (and where I earn a few cents of affiliate commission if you actually buy the book), but most of these books should be available through your public library. Ask a librarian to find you a copy — they love to help!

Understanding Math

boaler-whatmath boaler-mindsets devlin-language dweck-mindset ellenberg-thinking LetsPlayMath-300 lockhart-lament mighton-myth nunes-doingmath oakley-mind pappas-music pappas-joy pappas-morejoy paulos-innumeracy polya-how sawyer-vision smith-learning smith-glass stewart-hereto strogatz-joy

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Activities and Games

brodsky-minds burago-diaries droujkova-models Counting-Games Addition-Games lenchner-olympiad lenchner-creative mcmanaman-moebius rasmussen-diary richman-bykids rosenfeld-socks rozhkovskaya-elementary saul-camp tanton-without tanton-more tanton-solve vanhattum-playing zvonkin-three

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Especially for Parents

danielson-talking danielson-commoncore eastaway-olddogs kenschaft-power padron-howto snow-preschool wright-1 wright-2 wright-3

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Especially for Teachers

berlinghoff-history bradden-lit burns-about burns-lit1 burns-lit2 burns-grades1 burns-grade3 cardone-nix carpenter-cgi carpenter-makingsense carpenter-thinking chapin-mathmatters empson-extending fosnot-atwork humphreys-numbertalks kazemi-intentionaltalk kilpatrick-adding parker-baldridge-math parker-baldridge-geometry parrish-numbertalks reimer-history1 reimer-history2 reimer-history3 schuster-questions shumway-routines smith-practices stigler-gap sullivan-questions vandewalle-vol1 vandewalle-vol2 vandewalle-vol3 whitin-read

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