Checking the sum.

Take a break from textbook math and enjoy yourself!

I like to use games as a warm-up with my co-op math classes. Some homeschoolers make every Friday a game day, and some turn gaming into a family lifestyle.

“Playing games with your kids offers a host of educational benefits, plus you build relationships and make memories. I am constantly amazed by the amount of learning that happens when I sit down to play games with my children.”

—Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley
Gameschool Challenge

In addition to the games below, you may want to check my weekly Math Game Monday post.

Family Games for All Ages

A Fan Tan game in progress.

“Games put children in exactly the right frame of mind for learning difficult things. Children relax when they play — and they concentrate. They don’t mind repeating certain facts or procedures over and over, if repetition is part of the game.”

Peggy Kaye
Games for Math

Accessible to Young Children

Land or Water?

“Coming back from winter break can be hard. Everyone is sleepy, unfocused, and daydreaming of the holiday gifts that await them at home after school. And that’s just the teachers!”

—Andrew Gael
Beat the Back to School Blues…Play a Math Game

For Elementary Students

Making her move.

“If you play these games and your child learns only that hard mental effort can be fun, you will have taught something invaluable.”

Peggy Kaye
Games for Math

Middle School to Adult

Photo by ammiel jr via

“Mathematics is mental play, the essence of creative problem solving. This is the truth we need to impart to our children, more important than fractions or decimals or even the times tables. Math is a game, playing with ideas.”

—Denise Gaskins
Let’s Play Math: How Families Can Learn Math Together—and Enjoy It

The park is a great place for homeschool co-op math!

Your Turn: What Are Your Favorite Games?

They don’t have to be math! Please share in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “My Best (Free) Math Games for All Ages

  1. In my classroom we play a multiplication game. I call it Trifecta because it requires a group of 3. Two of the players hold a card to their forehead- facing out. The third multiplies the two cards and gives the product. The other two have to figure out their card without looking – it is now a missing factor. As a side note: we remove the face cards and aces.

    1. That’s a great game for developing the relationship between multiplication and division. Or for younger children, you could add the cards rather than multiply.

      The biggest challenge is that the players must be closely matched in ability level, or the weaker student will just give up. It’s even harder for homeschooling families since our kids tend to spread over a wider range of ages and abilities than in a classroom. Games that rely on speed usually don’t play well in a family setting.

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