Playful Math Education Carnival 113 at Three J’s Learning

Check out the new carnival of playful math for all ages!

Each carnival brings you a great new collection of puzzles, math conversations, crafts, teaching tips, and all sorts of mathy fun.

This month we have whole-body math, notice-and-wonder puzzles, a game to build math vocabulary, intransitive dice, making sense of trig identities, and playing Go on a hundred chart. And plenty more!

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Hey, Blogger, Can You Spare a Time?

We need help!

Do you write an education or family blog? Classroom teacher, math coach, homeschooler, parent, college professor, unschooler — anyone interested in helping kids play around with math?

Please consider volunteering to host the MTaP blog carnival for one month.

We still need a home for the last carnival of 2017.

Or plan ahead: 2018 is wide open.

You choose the month that fits your schedule and decide how much effort you want to put in. Writing the carnival can take a couple of hours for a simple post — or you can spend several days searching out and polishing playful math gems to share.

If you want more information, read the MTaP Math Education Blog Carnival home page.

Then let me know which month you want.

Playful Math Education Carnival 112 at Find the Factors

Check out the new playful math blog carnival at Find the Factors blog. Iva put together a great collection of math games, activities, and teaching tips:

The carnival features comics, literature, talking with kids, favorite numbers, classroom management, a bulletin board that actually gets read, and plenty of math art. Along with several fantastic math puzzles to explore.

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And if you’re a blogger, be sure to submit your blog post for next month’s carnival!

Do You Want More Ways to Play with Math?

Past carnivals are still full of mathy treasure. See them all on Pinterest: