How to Build Math Literacy

Here’s the full quote:

We all know reading a book each day to our child develops their love of literacy… well, playing games is the equivalent in maths.

Through playing card games and board games (just short and sweet ones) children develop problem solving, counting and so many other skills.

Imagine if every time you play a game you say, “Let’s do some maths.” What a positive association your child will develop with maths!

—Ange Rogers
Instagram post

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CREDITS: “Falling dice” photo by Riho Kroll on Unsplash.

Prime Factor Art on a Hundred Chart

The best way to practice math is to play with it — to use the patterns and connections between math concepts in your pursuit of something fun or beautiful.

So this art project is a great way to practice multiplication. Use the prime factors of numbers from one to one hundred to create a colorful design.

Start with a Hundred Chart

First, download this printable file of hundred charts in non-photo blue (or light gray, if you’re printing in grayscale). The file includes:

  • Line-by-line traditional chart, counting from top to bottom.
  • Line-by-line bottom’s-up chart, counting from bottom to top.
  • Ulam’s Spiral chart, spiraling out from the center.
  • Blank grids for making your own patterns.

Download the Printable Charts

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Limited Time: If You Missed the Kickstarter

Do you still want a chance at the Kickstarter book deals? Or did a friend of yours miss out?

I’ve had a couple of requests from people who missed the campaign deadline but still wanted to order a book. So for a limited time, I’m taking direct orders at the Kickstarter price.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Kickstarter page and read through the pledge levels on the sidebar. Decide which level you want to buy.
  2. Send me a direct message through Kickstarter, or come back to the blog and use the contact form here.
  3. I’ll reply with details on how to order directly through Paypal.

This offer will expire in about a week — whenever Kickstarter finishes processing all the pledges and sends me their paperwork. So if you want to make an order, do it quickly.