Hello, World!

My old blog over at A Home for Homeschoolers (update: a now-non-existent homeschool forum) is having technical difficulties, so I decided it’s time to experiment with something else. I’m not sure whether to try moving all the old posts over here or just to start again from scratch. I guess I’ll just play around for awhile and learn how WordPress works.

Meanwhile, let me introduce myself: I am a Christian, a wife and homemaker, and the homeschooling mother of five, ages 8yo to adult, all still living at home (though not for much longer, alas!) in the rural countryside of central Illinois. My hobbies are learning and teaching math, and reading anything I can get my hands on.

If you have questions about homeschooling or teaching math — if there’s anything about math that stumps you, or has never made sense, or you’re simply curious about — I’d love to hear from you! Contact information is on the “About Denise” page.

4 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Well, I can see right off that I need to figure out how to make an em-dash. Perhaps I am too scatterbrained, but I just can’t write without dashes!
    [Edited to add: Got it! Three regular dashes in a row make an em-dash. Now to go back and edit everything…]

  2. I looks like you’ve been working quite a lot over the last day or so getting your new home all warm and cozy.

    Debbi (from The HS Library)

  3. Hi, Debbi! 🙂 Thanks for coming by.

    Yes, I’ve been tinkering (although it hasn’t been that much work, because WordPress makes everything so easy) and will continue to do so for quite awhile, as I settle in here. I think I’m going to bring over a few of my older, time-sensitive posts and back-date them—which I suppose will make my archives look weird, since this “Hello” post will no longer come first, but at least it will save the information.

    Most of the math articles from the AHFH blog will get revised and posted anew. I’m hoping it will be okay to post links at The HS Library math room when I put up a blog post on teaching math. It’s been fun to watch the Library grow so quickly, hasn’t it?

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