Let’s Carnival!

The 57th Carnival of Homeschooling is open for your enjoyment at PalmTree Pundit. Several math-related posts are featured:

Cookie Connections

Modern Math – Too Far Out of the Box

Homeschooling: Do I Have to Teach Algebra?

The 104th Carnival of Education is up and running at The Median Sib. While many of the articles are interesting, I’d like to highlight the two posts related to math—one directly, and one tangentially:

math insurgency

The Monotillation of Traxoline

Other blog carnivals you may find interesting:

Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts – Home Business Carnival #16

Carnival of the Redeemed

Health Carnival

Carnival of Students 6th Edition

Working at Home Blog Carnival-Seventeenth Edition

The Festival of Family Flair

Christian Carnival CLVIII

Tax Carnival #10—Putting it together

Carnival of Family Life #38

The 10th Carnival of Children’s Literature

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