Are We There Yet?

Take a road trip through the landscape of homeschooling with the Carnival of Homeschooling at Consent of the Governed. And be sure to make a stop at this blog post after my own heart:

Great Mathematicians
Ten historically significant mathematicians, from Pythagoras to Gauss, with links for further study.

Plan to come back tomorrow for the Carnival of Education, to be posted at What It’s Like on the Inside. [Edited to add: Here it is—Education Carnival #124: Back to the Beach.]

Maureen at Trinity Prep School is calling for submissions to the Thomas Jefferson Education Carnival, to be posted next week — when I will be gone, so you’ll have to click over there and find the post on your own. (The last edition was here.)

Finally, backtracking a bit, there are plenty of great posts at Unschooling Voices #9. (And if you are an unschooling blogger, now is the time to submit an article to the next edition.)

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