Another Egyptian Math Puzzle

Pyramids clip artI have one last puzzle for those of you who are following my Alexandria Jones series on hieroglyphic math and the Egyptian scribe’s method of multiplication by doubling. Here is the “teaser” problem from the cover of the Sept./Oct.1998 issue of my newsletter:

One more Egyptian math puzzle (pdf, 53KB)

My old newsletter contained more than just Egyptian math, of course. One of my favorite features were the occasional story problems sent in by readers. Here is one from the same issue for your puzzling pleasure:

Hi! I own a Horse Ranch. At the beginning of the year, I had 5 stallions and 50 mares, 1/5 of which had foals. Then I went to a horse sale and sold 25 mares, 2 stallions, and 1 foal. But I bought 40 mares, 3 stallions, and 5 foals. How many horses do I have now?

— Horsey-Girl, age 11

Edited to add: The answers to these puzzles (and more) are now posted here.

To Be Continued…

Read all the posts from the September/October 1998 issue of my Mathematical Adventures of Alexandria Jones newsletter.

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