The “I Rank #1 on Google!” Meme

David Ng started it. Kurt Van Etten improved it. And I heard about it from MathMom. Now, you’re invited to play, too. It’s fun!

Here Are the “Rules”

1. Search for your blog on Google. Try to find 5 different phrases that produce your blog as the #1 hit.

2. You may enclose the search phrase in quotes if necessary, but a search without quotes is preferred.

3. Score your search phrases based on the total number of hits. As Kurt wrote:

The ideal search phrase would have your blog being number one out of something like a million hits returned. As it turns out, this is much easier to do than it might sound.

My Results

I didn’t believe Kurt at first, but it turned out to be true. Using my Most Popular Posts list as a guide, I was able to come up with some pretty impressive (well, to me, at least) rankings. As of this writing, Let’s play math! comes up first for the following search phrases:

understanding number bonds (2.67M)

things to do with a hundred chart (2.09M)

teaching bar diagrams (1.88M)

let’s play math (1.79M)

egyptian math puzzles (1.68M)

[Results with SafeSearch on, which I suppose may skew the numbers somehow.]

2 thoughts on “The “I Rank #1 on Google!” Meme

  1. That shows you picked a good name! 🙂
    I haven’t tried this meme for awhile. It looks like I dropped down to 3rd place on “Egyptian math puzzles” and completely off the first page for “bar diagrams.” I wonder what I might be 1st at now…

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