Math Bloggers Hall of Fame

photo by Mike Licht,

What makes a great math blog? That depends on who is doing the judging, of course. Your list of Hall of Fame bloggers would surely be different than mine. But since this is my list, the qualifications were:

  1. The nominee had to catch my interest. The content couldn’t be too abstract or specialized (since I have forgotten almost all the math I learned in college), but it had to be mathy enough to draw me in.
  2. The blogger had to reward my reading time with good stories, thoughtful comments, imaginative puzzles, or really cool pictures — anything that kept me coming back and wishing for more.

So without further ado, the winners, listed alphabetically to avoid playing favorites among my favorites. Here are eleven of the best math-related blogs, the guys and gals who make me think:

  • Drat These Greeks!
    Myrtle is teaching proof-based algebra to her pre-teen son, and she seems to be doing a good job. I love her tagline: “Three people in my immediate family have advanced math degrees but all I got was this lousy blog.”
  • dy/dan
    Math lessons, presentation tips, and more — always interesting. I am looking forward to trying Dan’s Graphing Stories lesson with my junior high students next semester.
  • Homeschool Math
    “I love teaching and I love math.” Maria is a lady after my own heart. She is also the author of the Math Mammoth books. If you are a homeschooler or afterschooler frustrated with your math curriculum, you might want to check out her free samples.
  • JD2718
    If I was stranded on a desert island with nothing to read but three blogs, JD2718 would be one of them. At least then I would have the time to fully enjoy his puzzles.
  • Mathematical paintings and sculptures
    New in 2007. Check out this beautiful Celtic Möbius strip.
  • MathNotations
    My other choice of math blog if I ever find myself stranded on a desert isle. Puzzles, investigations, and lots of things to learn about math. I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite post to link — go browse for yourself.
  • Ramblings of a Math Mom
    Another math-loving mom who coaches students for math competitions. I wish I could sit in on her middle-school lessons.
  • Text Savvy
    Insight about math and teaching from a textbook author and editor, plus a bonus: brainteasers [the brainteasers have disappeared].
  • The Exponential Curve
    Dan teaches math at Downtown College Prep charter high school, where the target student is low-skilled and of the first generation to go to college. What a challenge!
  • thnik again!
    Two of my favorite things: puzzles and quotations. Click. Browse. Enjoy.
  • Wild About Math!
    A very new site, but already chock-full of useful content. I am keeping an eye on this one.

Carnival of MathematicsAnd don’t forget to visit the latest Carnival of Mathematics, hosted by Hall of Fame blogger Sol at Wild About Math!

11 thoughts on “Math Bloggers Hall of Fame

  1. Thanks for the praise, Denise. I’m honored to be listed among so many of my favorite bloggers, and I’ll be sure to check out the few I don’t already read!

  2. That’s really nice of you to say, thank you.

    I never know how tolerant union people of reading the math stuff (a kindergarten teacher/local leader from Illinois says I make him feel stupid) nor how tolerant math people are of the union stuff.

    I guess people skip what doesn’t interest them.


  3. Thanks, Denise! Your blog is one of my favorites too and I recommend it to many educators in the non-virtual world as well, particularly your famous ‘resources on the web’ post.

  4. Thank you for dropping by, Dev. You have some great puzzles on your blog. I’ll have fun watching it grow.

    I’ve been thinking lately that it was time to revisit my Hall of Fame. Some of these bloggers have stopped writing or slowed down dramatically, others I’ve stopped reading as often as I used to, and I have new favorites. Time to make a new list, if I can ever find the time…

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