Christmas Puzzle: The Grinch Bug

[Photo by theogeo.]

Christmas afternoon is a slow time at our house. How shall we while away the hours until the turkey is done? With math, of course!

Check out this puzzle from Blinkdagger.

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MathCounts — Ready or Not, Here It Comes

[Feature photo above “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch” from]

Okay, kids, I know you’re on break, but Mr. Grinch would tell you that’s no excuse to laze around playing games and eating cookies. There is only a month until our school MathCounts competition, which doesn’t give you much time to prepare. I’ve collected several resources to build up your mental muscle-power before the test…

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Blogging Without a Computer

funny pictures of cats with captions

In case you’ve been wondering, my old computer finally bit the dust a couple of months ago. I’ve been living out of a flash drive, begging time on my kids’ computers between “homework” sessions — do you know how hard it is to drag a teenage girl away from Facebook? — and barely keeping up with email.

But I do have some blackboard quotes saved up from this semester and a few drafts on the back burner. I will get back to blogging someday, I promise!

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