Contest: Write a Number Story


Math Mama is hosting the next Math Teachers at Play blog carnival (submit your post here) on Friday, and she writes:

The Math Teachers at Play blog carnival came out twice as #15. Since then we’ve had #16 and #17. We’d like to iron out the numbering, and so the upcoming issue will be #19. I am personally sponsoring a contest for the best little (ie, very short) story written about how the numbers got mixed up this way…

For more details, check out her blog post:

Beginning next month, the MTaP carnival will change its schedule, coming out on the third Friday of every month.

If you are interested in hosting an upcoming carnival, please let me know! Carnival posts are a lot of fun to put together, you get to discover new (or new-to-you) bloggers, and you almost always get a bit of a traffic spike. And don’t worry if you’ve never hosted a blog carnival before — just ask for my very detailed “how to” email to help you get started.

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