Math Carnival News

The new edition of the Carnival of Mathematics is well worth visiting at Wild About Math!:

And while we’re thinking about carnivals, it’s time to send in your submission about learning or teaching pre-K through 12th grade math for next week’s Math Teachers at Play, which will be hosted at Ramblings of a Math Mom:

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen the current Math Teachers at Play, you’re missing a lot of fun:

There’s a new math blog carnival, taking submissions now for a first edition next month:

Would anyone like to host the Math Teachers at Play blog carnival for July? It is a bit of work, but it’s pleasant work, and it usually results in a spike of traffic for your blog. I had planned to do it myself, but other responsibilities are demanding attention. If you’re free, I’d be glad to turn it over to you. Just let me know in the comments here or by email.

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