4 thoughts on “Quotable: I Hate Fractions

  1. I really do say this. Though I have wandered away from using the word master; I’m more likely these days to ask who is going to win.


    1. I do that, too — or I say, “Are you going to let them fool you?” or “Fraction problems may be tricky, but they can’t fool us, can they?”

      Something about the idea of a competition between the student and the problem (or maybe the textbook writers creating the problem) seems to give my kids motivation to work through the harder topics. And to be philosophical about mental glitches, too: “They got me that time, but I’ll beat them on the next one.”

  2. I always hated fractions too until I started thinking of them as decimels. Once I got a better handle and started converting them to fractions, things were quite a bit easier.

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