Hey, Look — I’m Famous!

Do you Google yourself? It’s a good way to check up on your online reputation. I recently ran a search for my name, and who would have guessed I was so well known?

Actually, I’ve been editing my old “how to teach homeschool math” books, hoping to republish them someday, but I needed a break. So when I noticed the “create your own spoof” email from Swagbucks, I couldn’t resist. Hope you enjoyed it!

[If you don’t know what a Swagbuck is, check out my post Free Books? What’s the Catch?]

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3 thoughts on “Hey, Look — I’m Famous!

    1. Thanks for the congrats, but this time it’s just a joke. If you click any of the links on the search page, they will take you to a message that basically says “April Fools!” (I know, it’s October. But as I wrote in the post, I was in the mood to take a break and have some fun.)

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