Fun with Math Doodling

Thank you to Dan at Math 4 Love, who pointed me to Vi Hart’s math doodles. (The rest of her page is well worth exploring, too!) Kitten really enjoyed this one and immediately sat down to create her own version of the OuroBorromean Rings…

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8 thoughts on “Fun with Math Doodling

  1. Maybe not 🙂 , but I know I’ve done my share of doodling. Not as creative as hers, but the crazy checkerboard patterns used to be one of my favorites. As she says, you have to be careful that each crossing is distinct — if you accidentally graze another line without crossing, you end up with a design that needs three colors.

  2. The snake-patterns reminded me of Chinese decorative knot-work using cord. Very inspiring and beautifully drawn here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, I wish my doodles looked that good. Maybe that is why I did math in math class and didn’t doodle… I did well at the math and I can’t doodle anything like that. I found your blog via the Homeschool Showcase BTW, it’s always nice to find new homeschool blogs!

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