Quotable: Math is a Game

I don’t love math nearly as much as I pretend I do when I’m teaching it or blogging about it or trying to enthuse my kids.

I just believe — ever since an eye-opening university-level Mathematics in Perspective course — that math is taught VERY badly, bumbled and fumbled and as a result we have this societal fear of what is, essentially, a great big GAME.

Jennifer in MamaLand
Spotted (myself!) around the Web…

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5 thoughts on “Quotable: Math is a Game

  1. “I just believe … that math is taught VERY badly, bumbled and fumbled…”

    Me too. How sad that this beautiful, fundamentally important subject is far too often disliked by both children and adults.

    I am planning to write a post soon on this very topic – the need in many classrooms for a revolution in the teaching of math.

  2. Math can be a game! When teachers can engage their students, come up with real life situation that relate to the students’ life, if teachers really enjoy teaching math themselves, children of all age groups will see that math is absolutely not more difficult than your average PlayStation 3 game!

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