Bloggy Spring Cleaning Continues

Still on course with my state-sponsored blog overhaul, and Google Reader insists on displaying every old post as new. What a nuisance! The email feed seems unaffected. (And not everyone is having the problem with Reader, either — see Comments below.)

Amazon won the reader poll (and it’s my favorite, too), so I’m converting all my old affiliate book links to just-plain Amazon links. At the same time, I’m checking for dead links and other dust bunnies among the old posts. I’ve worked my way up to June 2007 — four more years to go — and then I’ll start on my blogroll (a monster task!) and other pages.

Like normal housecleaning, it never ends …

Does Anyone Know Where the La Habra Math Timeline Went?

The worst news so far is that the La Habra Math History Timeline has disappeared. What a shame! Does anyone out there know where it might have gone? I would love to link to its new site.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, here’s a glimpse at the old site. Math discoveries, publications, and other tidbits — from paleolithic number bones to the present:

I changed the links on my Math Resources page to the wayback pages, too. My apologies to those who got sent to a junk site by the old, defunct links.

8 thoughts on “Bloggy Spring Cleaning Continues

  1. Now I have a theory: The Feedburner rss feed is fine, but the feed is skanky.

    So if you subscribed by clicking my rss icon or link, you get the feed processed by Feedburner, and it hides all the ancient posts. But if you copied my URL and pasted it into Google Reader (which is apparently what I did), you get the unprocessed feed — and that is the one with the problem.

    To test my theory, I’ve loaded both feeds side by side in my Reader. My next planned editing session is tomorrow, so I’ll see what happens then…

  2. I’ve been bombarded by dozens of re-posts or summaries(?) from your blog over the past few weeks, Denise, but I have this cool thing called a “down arrow key” on my keyboard that allows me gloss past them in, I dunno, 5 seconds?

    Keep up the good work and we’ll all manage just fine during the renovations. 🙂

    Paul Hawking
    The Challenge of Teaching Math
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  3. They are old posts on which I’m cleaning up the links and formatting. I have nearly 600 posts on this blog, so it will take awhile to get through them. Many of them are full of good information, or they link to good stuff (like the early Carnivals of Mathematics) — but there are so many of them that they get overwhelming.

    My goal is to finish the project by April 15th, which is when my affiliate account gets deleted at Amazon.

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