Carnival Updates

John Cook has posted the Golden Carnival of Mathematics, for your browsing pleasure. The CoM desperately needs hosts, so if you’re willing to take a turn, now is the time to contact Mike Croucher and let him know!

The Mathematics and Multimedia Carnival is coming next Monday to Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0. If you blog about techy stuff for teaching math, send in a post. Like any blog carnival, the MaMC would be delighted to come to your blog: contact Guillermo Bautista to volunteer.

Math Teachers at Play, the blog carnival about elementary & secondary school mathematics, is now accepting submissions for next week’s edition. The blog carnival server has been glitchy of late, however, so you may want to email your link directly to the host.

And if you speak the languages, you’re sure to enjoy the most recent Carnevale della Matematica or Carnaval de Matemáticas.

Finally, it’s not quite a carnival, but I’ve just discovered and started exploring’s Weekly Picks. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Carnival Updates

  1. Thanks for mentioning our Weekly Picks! You’re right, it’s not a carnival.

    We wanted to do something for the community on top of the encyclopedic nature of the project. We didn’t want to start a blog carnival when there’s already a perfectly good one out there (or five).

    So we chose to do a sort of editorial. We hope it’s useful even though it’s much more biased by the three of us picking posts. We do try to show the range of topics and styles among mathematical bloggers.

    1. I don’t know, Guillermo. At least some entries are coming through the blog carnival site, showing up in the InstaCarnival. But none of them are being forwarded by email to the host, so there are still glitches in the system. Perhaps the carnival site’s servers are overloaded.

      And Peter, the blog carnivals are often biased that way, too. At least, when I host, I tend to pick at least half of the posts myself.

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