“Let’s Play Math!” Blog on Facebook

I’m always a bit behind the times, and I don’t think I’ll ever get around to trying Twitter, but I have finally made a Facebook page. Not much there so far — a new video of one girl’s invented method for 2-digit multiplication, and a list of my games posts — but more will come over the next few weeks. Blog updates will post automatically (in theory), along with non-blog updates like that video. Above all, I’d love to answer questions from readers.

If you’re interested, please drop in for a visit.

5 thoughts on ““Let’s Play Math!” Blog on Facebook

  1. You are not alone lolz-my facebook page currently has only 4 fans because I was too busy to manage and publicize it, but I reckon its a good tool for marketing given the gargantuan number of users worldwide.

    To automatically transmit updated blog feeds on fb, you could consider using RSS graffiti -setting it up is pretty much hassle free. Hope it helps. Peace.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by rss graffiti. Is that a Facebook app? It might be worth a try. For now, it looks like the rss import is working. It’s just very slow, for some unfathomable reason. This post didn’t appear at FB until around midnight.

  3. Yes its a facebook app-you can key in rss graffiti within Fb’s search engine and locate it.
    Graffiti works great for me and it periodically scans and pulls in new content from your blog quite swiftly. If you have any problems you can always let me know again. 🙂

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