Have Little Ones? Try Moebius Noodles!

Moebius Noodles Fundraiser Badge

Would you like to do math with your babies and toddlers — real math, not just counting and simple shapes — but don’t know how? For the last few years, Maria Droujkova has been teaching parents to do advanced, fun math with young children. I had the chance to lurk on a discussion group this summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now she is taking the next step — and you are invited to join in the fun!

The Moebius Noodles project includes:

  • Cool math concepts.
    Symmetry, fractals, coordinate planes, functions, transformations, topology, and more.
  • Math that grows with your child.
    Games and activities are adaptable to a wide range of ages, from babies to teens.
  • Math your child owns.
    Plenty of variations and suggestions to help kids bring math into their own worlds.
  • Active and open support group.
    A community of parents who share stories and photos, discuss examples, modify games, and ask and answer questions.
  • Math therapy for parents.
    For those who feared and disliked math in school, this project offers a second chance as you experience the math-rich world around you through playing with your child.

Maria is offering a variety of “Secret Rewards” (including free copies of the Moebius Noodles book) to those who chip in toward the project. Check out her Moebius Noodles blog post for more information.

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