Math Teachers at Play #44 via Nucleus Learning

by fdecomite via flickr

The new Math Teachers at Play blog carnival is up for your browsing pleasure:

If you think the carnival seems shorter than usual, you’re right. We had many more submissions, but it appears that the blog carnival website is having trouble again. If your article is missing (as mine is), I’m sorry! Please try again next month.

This is the first time I ever hosted a blog carnival so please bear with me.

While reading the posts submitted to this month’s Math Teachers at Play blog carnival, I was struck by how visualization is very important in teaching math, and just math in general. I was happy to read all the “visualization” posts since my recent interest is exactly in visual representations and how they help in learning, especially learning math.

For instance…

Go read the entire article at Nucleus Learning.

7 thoughts on “Math Teachers at Play #44 via Nucleus Learning

    1. Drats! I had quit watching the blog carnival site, after a couple months of it working correctly. I guess I will have to start checking it more often. When the next carnival gets close, I should probably post an email link as well.

      Guillermo, have you checked online to see if there are entries in the “InstaCarnival”? (Can you access that, when you’re the host?) For the last MTaP, we had plenty of entries posted there. They just didn’t get forwarded properly to Bogusia.

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