Build Problem-Solving Skills with Board Games

Board games are a celebration of problem solving, and problem solving is at the heart of a quality mathematics education… The mathematics might be hidden, but I guarantee you that it will be there.

— Gordon Hamilton,
Commercial Games 8

Games for Ages 8+

Games for Ages 12+

howtosolveproblemsWant to help your kids learn math? Claim your free 24-page problem-solving booklet, and you’ll be among the first to hear about new books, revisions, and sales or other promotions.

5 thoughts on “Build Problem-Solving Skills with Board Games

    1. Oops! Thank you for pointing that out. My internet connection was running so slow that I didn’t take time to double-check the post. I should have known better. Fixed now.

  1. We have found that most games that an 8 year old can play can also be played by my 6 year old. If you’re unsure, try playing on a team with your 6 year old and let them do as much on their own as they can – they may surprise you!

    One game that is actually rated 6+ that we enjoy is Qwirkle.

  2. Have used many games in the classroom. One worth your site mentioning is Mathopoly, which comes out of Canada. I ordered it online ( Amazing for ages 12 and up, some of my students parents are using it to brush up on their own skills too. Thanks for the great site.

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