MTaP Blog Carnival Submission Form

Photo by Bob Jagendorf via flickr.

The blog carnival website has been unreliable for months now, and it’s high time we came up with another way for you to submit your posts to the Math Teachers at Play blog carnival. So when I saw the snazzy new Carnival of Mathematics submission form, I knew I had to learn to use Google Docs.

What do you think? Comments and editing suggestions appreciated!

This form is active. Any data you enter here will be collected and sent to next month’s host (Karen at Teach Beside Me), so feel free to submit your posts.

5 thoughts on “MTaP Blog Carnival Submission Form

  1. Will this be the form each month or will you have to make a new one/adjust this one? (Wondering about permalinking.) Can we link right to the Google form or do you want the traffic coming here?

  2. Hi Denise,

    When you say “Any data you enter here will be collected and sent to next month’s host” – is this done automatically or manually? If the former, how?

    With the CoM form both Katie, who set it up, and me have access to the Google doc but I suppose for future hosts a forwarding system would be better.



    1. Manually. I wish there was a way to do it automatically. That is the first function of that went down, so I’ve been forwarding posts by hand for awhile. The spreadsheet should make it fairly easy, though — all I have to do is copy the appropriate rows and paste them into an email.

      Also, carnival hosts are encouraged to post a “call for submissions” on their own blog, so that people can send things to them directly.

      As far as scheduling the carnivals, the short little weeks we often get at the beginning of a month always throw me off. I propose we each claim a “full” week (defined as Monday-Friday) for our carnivals — CoM the first full week, MTaP the second, and Maths & Multimedia the third — and then allow the carnival host to choose the most convenient day within that week for publishing.

      I will have to check with my currently-scheduled hosts to make sure that works for the next couple of months, that they didn’t have their earlier date set in concrete. But with all new hosts (June and onward), that’s going to be my plan.

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