Book Update, and Self-Publishing Info

photo by Darwin Bell via flickr

As you may know, I’ve been working hard on my Let’s Play Math! books, and I’m still hoping to get at least couple of them out this summer. (Though if I keep thinking of more sections to add, I may never get them done!) I’m also finishing up the editing on my daughter’s novel and plan to release it soon.

One of the most useful resources I’ve found for self-publishing information is Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer. The last time I published my books, a dozen years ago, I made nearly every one of the mistakes he mentions in Amateur Hour Books and 5 Book Design Mistakes to Avoid.

Self-Publishing Roadmap

I took the beta version of his Self-Publishing Roadmap course last year, and I learned a lot. It looks like he’s added plenty of new information to the tutorials — the book industry has been going through so many changes lately! — so I’m signing up to go through the whole series again.

These videos will give you an idea what the course is all about:

If you’ve been working on a book and are planning to self-publish, you might consider joining us in the Roadmap course. At the minimum, you should subscribe to Joel’s blog and read it thoroughly.

Follow-the-money alert: The link to Joel’s Self-Publishing Roadmap tutorial series is an affiliate link. If you click through my links and do actually sign up for the course, I will earn some small amount of commission. I enjoyed the series, and I recommend it whole-heartedly.

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