Math Teachers at Play #57 via So I Teach Math and Coach?

From preschool through high school, mathematics offers a wide range of puzzles, games, and interesting ideas to explore. The Math Teachers at Play blog carnival brings you a variety of mathy treats every month. Check it out!

Math Teachers at Play #57

Welcome to the 57th Edition of Math Teachers at Play the Blog Carnival!

The number 57 has often been used in entertainment. As in Agent 57 from the Hit TV Show Danger Mouse, Bruce Springsteen once sang about 57 channels (and nothin’ on), and I can’t forget one of my favorite movies Passenger 57 staring Wesley Snipes.

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Quotable: Why Study Algebra?


[Photo by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker via flickr.]

One reason to study algebra: because it’s a building block. And just as it was really hard at first to get those blocks to do what you wanted them to do, so also it can be really hard at first to get algebra to work. But if you persevere, who knows what you might build someday?

Algebra is the beginning of a journey that gives you the skills to solve more complex problems.

So, try not to think of Algebra as a boring list of rules and procedures to memorize. Consider algebra as a gateway to exploring the world around us all.

— Jason Gibson
Why Study Algebra?

Let’s Play Math Book Update

I love math, but had forgotten why I developed a love for math in the first place. This book made me realize how experiences in my childhood lit a spark in me … Denise Gaskins shows us how we can ignite this fire in our own children.

I believe her suggestions are invaluable for homeschoolers, but essential for the many parents whose children are learning to dislike math in school.

— Carrie
Review at, December 1, 2012

If you’ve wavered on whether to pick up my math book, be warned: This is the last month for the introductory sale price. In January, the price will go up to $5.99 — which is still much less than what the original edition sells for, used.

Of course, if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow the book (or my daughter’s novel) for free!

You don’t need a Kindle to read an ebook. You can access it on your computer, tablet, or smart phone using Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader or a Kindle Reading App.

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