Book Updates


My ebook Let’s Play Math has a new cover. Do you like it?

After wrestling with the files for a couple of months, I finally figured out how to add the toc.ncx navigation (the ebook magic that lets you skip ahead to the next chapter). While I was messing around, I added a few more references, expanded a couple of sections, and fixed all the typos that we’ve found so far.

I sent Amazon an email asking them to give everyone who already bought a copy the option to get the latest version. Unfortunately that’s not automatic, but if the powers that be decide that these changes were “major,” you should get an email telling you how to update.

Other Projects

For those of you who want to get the book in epub, for Kobo or Nook: that’s my next learning experience. I hope to release the epub version to all the online stores (not just Amazon) in early March, when my KDP Select term expires.

But for anyone who has Amazon Prime and wants to borrow my book through KOLL: act now because that option will expire at the same time.

I am still working on Let’s Play Algebra. I added a chapter on algebra word problems, but I also decided to totally overhaul the introduction and first chapter(s). Ugh! I had thought to have it published by the end of 2012, but everything always takes way longer than I expect. Now my goal is to get the files out to my beta readers for another review by the end of the month.

Thank You for Your Support

To all my blog readers, your comments and encouragement have kept me going over the years. Can you believe it’s been SIX years since our debut?

To my fellow math bloggers, I’ve learned so much from you all. Don’t forget to send in a post for this month’s Math Teachers at Play blog carnival.

I wish each of you a wonderful New Year!

2 thoughts on “Book Updates

    1. I don’t usually accept guest posts, but I might make an exception if I think it’s well suited to my audience. Feel free to send it to my email (letsplaymath at gmail), and I’ll let you know what I think.

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