A Math Major Talks About Fear

I’ve dipped my toes in Twitter lately (as part of the Explore #MTBoS program) and been swept up in a crashing tsunami of information. There’s no way to keep up with it all, but I’ll let the tide wash over me and enjoy the tidbits I happen to notice as they float by. For instance, yesterday I discovered a writer who offers tip on writing about injuries and was able to get some great advice for Kitten’s sequel to her first novel.

And then today, Steven Strogatz posted a link to Saramoira Shields, a new blogger I might never have discovered on my own. I think you’ll enjoy her video:

4 thoughts on “A Math Major Talks About Fear

    1. Hi, Sabrina!
      I’m new to Twitter, but I’ve been blogging for years (and still have plenty to learn). It’s great fun, and you get to “meet” a whole lot of cool people online. Best wishes!

  1. I LOVE the video. It also applies to just math teachers. “I teach Algebra I” .. “*cricket* Ohhhhh, well, I was never good at math… I should have had you as a teacher.”….

    Thank you for sharing!

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