Math Teachers at Play #71 via Math Mama Writes

The February math education blog carnival is now posted for your browsing pleasure, featuring 71 playful ways to explore mathematics from preschool to calculus:

71 richard schwartzMath teachers at play know that math is best learned when the student is thoroughly engaged, through their body, their imagination (story-telling), or the world of games. I’ve started out this month’s post with those three categories.

Most of the submissions this month described hands-on, or feet-on, activities. It’s as if there had been a theme agreed upon without anyone mentioning it. Some of the following posts are from submissions, and others are posts that I wanted to share from my internet wanderings.

This post has 71 links. (You might need to digest it in smaller bites.) Enjoy!

Click here to go read the whole, wonderful post.

One thought on “Math Teachers at Play #71 via Math Mama Writes

  1. Not really “71 playful ways to explore mathematics”, because I counted every link, and some were for the carnival or for sites where I got info. Then again, the links to other linkfests make it almost infinite.

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