Pi Day Roundup


[Feature photo above by Nicolo’ Canali De Rossi.]

Math holiday alert: March 14th is Pi Day. But why limit ourselves to a single day? Playing with math should be a year-round adventure! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate…

Pi Day Posts on Let’s Play Math! Blog


And Did You Know?

Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

A Pinch of Pi Day Humor


Favorite Pi Day Posts on Other Blogs


And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, Education World offers another huge round-up of Pi Day lesson plans and activity ideas.

Do you have any favorite activities or blog posts about Pi Day? Please share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Pi Day Roundup

  1. Pardon for the intrusion. I was wondering if you ever feature interesting and novel pi products on your blog? I figured I’d check in with you via email rather than cluttering up your blog with a comment.

    Specifically, my company offers a Digits of Pi poster with almost 6 million digits. Millions more digits than other posters on the market. It’s a printing marvel and also a tribute to the computation of pi to almost 6 million digits.

    What also makes it different is that a magnifier is required to view the pi digits, which makes it really fun and interactive. It’s a tool to spark a student’s interest in pi by having them search for repeating patterns of the digits in the poster.

    Product Link: http://www.exatextposters.com/Six-Million-Pi-Digits-Poster-p/post-m-01.htm

    Let me know and I can provide additional info.

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