Pi Day Roundup


[Feature photo above by Nicolo’ Canali De Rossi.]

Math holiday alert: March 14th is Pi Day. But why limit ourselves to a single day? Playing with math should be a year-round adventure! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate…

Pi Day Posts on Let’s Play Math! Blog


Pi Day Videos

And Did You Know?

PiBiographyPi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.

A Pinch of Pi Day Humor

Favorite Pi Day Posts on Other Blogs

And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, Education World offers another huge round-up of Pi Day lesson plans and activity ideas.

Do you have any favorite activities or blog posts about Pi Day? Please share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Pi Day Roundup

  1. Pardon for the intrusion. I was wondering if you ever feature interesting and novel pi products on your blog? I figured I’d check in with you via email rather than cluttering up your blog with a comment.

    Specifically, my company offers a Digits of Pi poster with almost 6 million digits. Millions more digits than other posters on the market. It’s a printing marvel and also a tribute to the computation of pi to almost 6 million digits.

    What also makes it different is that a magnifier is required to view the pi digits, which makes it really fun and interactive. It’s a tool to spark a student’s interest in pi by having them search for repeating patterns of the digits in the poster.

    Product Link: http://www.exatextposters.com/Six-Million-Pi-Digits-Poster-p/post-m-01.htm

    Let me know and I can provide additional info.

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