Math Teachers at Play #85 via ZenoMath

Feature photo above by epSos .de via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

There’s a feast of mathematical games and activities at this month’s Math Teachers at Play blog carnival Enjoy!

“Math Teachers at Play is a monthly blog carnival that compiles posts from several blogs under the theme of teaching math in unique and innovative ways. We’re thrilled to partner with them this edition and couldn’t help ourselves from including some interesting trivia and riddles centered on our edition number – Happy Number 86!

Happy Numbers are numbers whose digits are such that – when squared and added iteratively, the number 1 is reached. For example,

82 + 62 = 100
12 + 02 + 02 = 1
So 86 is a happy number!…”

Click here to read the carnival post at ZenoMath.

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