How to Update Your Math Game Ebooks


The Math You Can Play books grew from more than twenty years of playing math with children—‌at my house, at the library, in the park, and in group workshops. The 42 kid-tested games in these books are simple to learn, quick to play, and require minimal preparation.

I love these books because they help even the busiest parents enjoy playing math with their children.

Now that the publication dust has settled and the typos and formatting glitches have been sorted out, I’ve updated all the Math You Can Play ebook files to match the paperback editions.

Changes include:

Do I Need an Update?

None of these changes have a major effect on the readability or value of the books. If you like your book as is, you aren’t missing anything vital.

Still, if you want the most up-to-date information, then check the title page of your ebook. Right under copyright date, the new edition says, “Ebook Version 1.3.”

If your book has a lower version number (or no version number at all), you may want to upgrade to the new edition.

Amazon Policy Change

I’ve asked Amazon to release the new ebook files to everyone who bought the earlier edition—‌as used to be their standard policy. But they’ve had too many complaints about people losing their bookmarks, so they no longer issue updates except by customer request.

The only way to get the updated file is to contact Customer Service and ask for it yourself.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Click the contact Customer Service link. Log into your account.
  2. Under “What can we help you with?” click the option “Digital Services.”
  3. Under “Tell us more about your issue,” click “Kindle eBooks” and then “Something else.”
  4. Under “Enter short summary of issue,” copy and paste the following text:
    I bought the ebooks Counting & Number Bonds (ASIN B00WFOQAW6) and Addition & Subtraction (ASIN B00WFOQ9TA). These books have recently been updated with new material. Would you please send the updated ebook files to my account? Thank you.
  5. Of course, if you only bought one of the books, then delete the title and ASIN number that doesn’t apply.
  6. Choose how you want to be contacted. I always pick “Email,” but you can pick a more immediate option if you like.

And then wait for the support people to do their magic. You should get the new file within 24 hours.

What About the Paperbacks?

What if you got a bad copy of a paperback book?

The machines that print POD (Print On Demand) books—‌like my math game books or my daughter’s fantasy novels—‌are basically giant computer printers. As everyone knows, printers get glitches. And the humans who take a book off the machine and put it in a shipping box won’t necessarily notice the mistake.

If you ever get a messed-up copy of my math games paperbacks (or any book by anyone, for that matter), you can always contact customer service to have it replaced.

Just follow the same steps as above, but choose the options that make sense for whatever complaint you have. Or if you didn’t buy from Amazon, then find the Customer Service section for whatever book dealer you used, and follow their procedure.

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