Let’s Play Math Paperback Edition Now Available


Finally, the revised and much-expanded paperback edition of Let’s Play Math: How Families Can Learn Math Together—and Enjoy It is finished and loaded up on Amazon worldwide. Other bookstores will follow as soon as they update their files.

My book shows you new ways to explore math as a family adventure:

  • Introduce your kids to the “Aha!” factor, the thrill of solving a challenging puzzle.
  • Help them build thinking skills with toys, games, and library books.
  • Find out how to choose math manipulatives, or make your own.
  • And learn how to tackle story problems with confidence.

True mathematical thinking involves the same creative reasoning that children use to solve puzzles. Let’s Play Math turns math into a learning adventure for the whole family. Your children will build a stronger foundation of understanding when you teach math as a game, playing with ideas.

LPM 4-9stars

Buy now:
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This blog originally grew out of my long-out-of-print books for homeschoolers, and now it has come full circle. The new edition of my book ripened on the vine, expanding to include families of every schooling style, with useful tips and resources for classroom teachers, too.

Wouldn’t you like to share in the harvest?

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Detailed Review (and a Giveaway)

If you’d like to know more about Let’s Play Math — and have a chance to win a free copy — check out Kate Snow’s review post:

Updated to Add

More details about the book:

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play Math Paperback Edition Now Available

  1. Forward by Keith Devlin? Nice!

    I have your two Math You Can Play books and was planning on completing that series. How does this book relate to those?

    1. This book is broader and more general than the games book series. It introduces a worldview shift: from math as following-the-lesson to math as exploring ideas. With 50+ activities and games (eight or nine of these will also show up in the Math You Can Play books) and a long section about mental math, lots of inspirational quotes, lists of questions to spark creative thinking, high school tips, huge resource lists (much more detailed than those in the game books) — and yes, a wonderful foreword from Keith!

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